Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Actress Angela Tabiri Faints Over Leaked Nude Photos

Angela Tabiri
Earlier this week, we reported the nude photos of Actress Angela Tabiri. Information reaching Us indicates that Angela fainted on Monday out of shock upon witnessing her naked photos online. News-One tried to get in touch with the actress after she had been ressucitated but she declined the interview apparently out of embarrassment. She issued a statement explaining and apologizing for the incident which can be read below:
It was my boyfriend who took those pictures. And we were actually playing with them as lovers. He even said jokingly that we should delete them before a mistake happens and they reach the media and lo and behold, here we are in this embarrassment.
I actually thought he deleted them until recently when he told me that the memory card was missing. My prayer all along was that it doesn’t get into other hands. But obviously that didn’t happen. I am sorry and I have learnt my lessons from it – Angela Tabriri (Almost in tears)
I dont even know if the boyfriends claim of missing the memory card is true. But ladies when you do take naked photos for your boyfriend be very very careful. Word to the wise!!!
See the said nude pictures

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